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Monday, December 03, 2007
Be afraid. Really.

Eftirfarandi er tekið úr viðtali við Scott Ritter.

Q. And when Bush talks about being an instrument of God, do you think he really believes that or is that just political posturing, playing to the religious base?

A. That's a question that can only be asked of George Bush. But I find it disturbing that an American politician who is supposed to be the head of a secular nation where religion is protected but there is no state religion, and who has control over the world's largest nuclear arsenal, not only openly talks about how God is his final adviser, which pretty much negates the role of Congress or any other system of governmental oversight, checks and balances of the executive, but also embraces a kind of evangelicalism that gives legitimacy to the notion of the rapture, Armageddon, the apocalypse as a good thing.

Here's a man who speaks of World War III and the apocalypse and he has his hand on the button and he 'talks to God'. I don't know, if it's a show, it's a dangerous show, if it's real, we should all be scared to death.

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